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Flat Roof Repairs Prevention from Leaks and Damage

Any roof is important and a key part to a house or buildings overall protection. A Flat roof is normally associated with extensions, garages or large commercial roofing and can sometimes be overlooked. However build up of water or poorly maintained drainage of these areas can lead to long term problems that can subsequently damage the underlining health of the roofs ability to stop water entering the area below.

It is therefore important that all precautions and maintenance is kept to a high standard. In cases where the underlining problems already exist we can fit or repair flat roofs to a high standard that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

There are as with any purchase, a wide selection of different quality materials that you can choose from and we can give the best advice on which of these are most suitable to the work that needs to be carried out. If you are a commercial, industrial or domestic customer looking to repair or fit a completely new flat roof system call us today for more information and pricing.

Picture of roof with a hole and repaired roof after problem is fixed
On the left a hole in the underlining board of the roof where water has damaged the roofs ability to stop leaking and further damage. On the right the same roof now repaired and re-laid with felt.