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The Importance of your Fascia, Soffits and Guttering Systems

PVCu, PVCue and uPVC are terms to describe the PVC fascias. A more recent and innovative collection of parts, that form protection at the ends of a roof where the roof meets the outer wall of a building. So what is the fascia board and why is it important to my guttering system. The following outline what these areas are and what part they play in supporting and maintaining the guttering on your building.


The fascia board runs along the edge of the roof and is fixed to the roofs trusses and does all of the work supporting the bottom row of tiles. The fascia also has an additional job of supporting all of the guttering. PVCu, PVCue and uPVC are strong and sturdy materials for achieving a strong and robust solution to this area of your roof.


The soffit runs along the underside of the fascia board and can have ventilation holes to enable ventilation to enter under the fascia. Not having these ventilation points can lead to condensation developing at the edges of the roof which over time will produce water damage. This is therefore an important element of the overall fit of your guttering system. If ventilation points are not fitted here they can be fitted above the fascia board although it is more common to see them fitted as part of the soffit.

Box End

The ends of your fascia will be fitted with a Box End which finishes of the ends of the fascia nicely protecting the outer edges of the fascia board. These can come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate the different designs of your fascia board.

A fascia traditionally used wood to achieve the above mentioned however wood will naturally deteriorate over time. A PVC fascia can last many years without any need for replacement. It is in our experience more common now to replace old wood systems with the new PVC fascia solution.

LFE Roofing has many years of fitting and repairing fascia's or more traditionally referred to as Roofends. If your fascia needs repair or you are looking to add a new fascia system to your building please give us a call today on 0116 200 1992 or contact us using our contact form.

Side by side of roof with and without fascia and guttering